Nationally known for producing strong and confident young women, Revolution Lacrosse is a girls club lacrosse program.  A core staple of our program is our focus on developing progressive and collegiate technical and tactical abilities while caring for the whole athlete. Our proven curriculum focuses on confidence and boldness development with a strong emphasis on team and self-worth.  Our environment is one that fosters empowerment, fun and meaningful lifelong relationships free from drama and cliques.


Seventeen years strong, we have helped placed hundreds of athletes in college. Our Alumnae span the globe working in education, finance, government, tech and operating aircraft for the US Military, all united by the three REVlax Core Principles of  1) 110%, 2) Never Quit and 3) Be the Best Teammate.


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these people were not paid


Being on this team means so much to me because everyone who is involved with this team works their hardest everyday to be the best versions of themselves which makes me strive for this goal as well. It has made my views on life different than before. Overall I have grown as a whole new person since joining.

2020 Player from MA


“The difference between being good and being great, is that the great ones know what they want.- Founder, Lukas Cash”

This quote was printed on our daughter’s mirror since her freshman year and I used to think how lucky we are to have these kind of role models from REVlax for our girls?  Our REVlax experience has been AMAZING from day one.  We love the mission at REVlax - to develop the whole person, not just the athletic side of the player.  REVlax is the single most positive place for our girls to be during adolescence.

2020 Parent from MA

incredible staff

Thank you also for your part, and everyone else at REVlax, in helping us to raise our daughter. As a Dad, I'll be forever grateful!!”

2024 Parent from RI



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