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About Rev

Most REV teams are formed by graduation year. Each team consists of set rosters and ONLY 22 field players.

REV spends the fall, winter and summer seasons playing in numerous college recruiting tournaments and play for fun tournaments. We seek only the best competition and travel anywhere to find it.

Teams regularly practice as a unit working within the REV Developmental Program.

Three years in the making, the REV Developmental Program consists of over a hundreds drills and stations designed to give our players the fastest foot work and physical presence, the most advanced understanding of the game, the most progressive technique and genuine confidence. There is absolutely NOTHING like the REV Developmental Program in the country!

We are serious when we say we are developing the next breed of lacrosse players.


Are You a Rev Player?

REV is a continuous challenge in setting the bar higher and demanding 110% from yourself.

REV is vibe that connects players throughout New England in forming life long relationships.

Do you have what it takes to step into the unknown?


Rev is NOT for you if... follow the crowd without hesitation run when you should sprint

...your concern is playing time and how many stats you chalked up

If any of these are true, then you are better off playing against us.

Rev IS for you if... find yourself clutching your dreams, but lost in how to obtain them question the crowd have a dream of playing the illest lacrosse, but have no idea how to counter your doubts find yourself running when your friends are going out, sleeping with your stick at nights and wondering just how good you can become

If any of these apply to you, then welcome to Team REV.

It's a journey.
Where will you go?

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